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Using Artificial Intelligence to Improve the Dental Industry

Ann Arbor, MI: The NovoDynamics® NovoHealth™ Dental platform uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help save time and money by making dental insurance claims processing faster, easier and more efficient. It helps insurers detect dental insurance fraud and provides consistent, statistical support for disease assessment decisions. According to NovoDynamics CEO David Rock, “What differentiates NovoHealth Dental from other claim review technologies is its ability to use AI to analyze all critical claim information — including radiographs — in ways never done before. Creating a successful AI solution isn’t just about applying algorithms to a data set; it also requires a significant understanding of real-world business needs, along with expert data management, from selecting and extracting the right data to effectively cleaning and normalizing the data, to integrating continually accumulating data into a self-sustaining system.”


NovoDynamics, Inc., an In-Q-Tel portfolio company incorporated in 2001, leverages its pre-eminent data extraction, data integration, pattern recognition and predictive analytics technologies to develop artificial intelligence software and solutions that address highly complex challenges. The company’s AI expertise and technology have been used to create powerful solutions for government military and intelligence organizations, academic institutions, and major companies across a variety of different industries, all over the world. NovoDynamics® products transform large, disparate data sets into actionable information and insights that help organizations make better decisions.

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