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Taking Readers on a Profound Learning Journey

Sausalito, CA: Life: The Whole Enchilada is far more than a recounting of a life well-lived. This "Gratitude Memoir" by John R. O'Neil, best-selling author of The Paradox of Success, takes you along for the ride on a profound learning journey. O'Neil introduces you to the many teachers, mentors, character shapers, and wisdom carriers who have influenced him, both through his passion for reading and through his personal encounters.

Join John as he meets Eleanor Roosevelt, studies with Abraham Maslow, discusses intellectual development with Jonas Salk, and helps Nelson Mandela spread a culture of innovation and learning across the new government of South Africa. But you'll also get to know John as he gets to know himself by humbly and hungrily devouring all he could learn from the caretaker and cook on the ranch where he grew up, his high school English teacher, and even a New York City limo driver who cautions him against becoming boring. Throughout the book, O'Neil suggests what might be learned by adopting his curiosity-driven approach to life, beginning with, "Magic is everywhere for the asking and miracles abound, especially in nature. Keep looking, asking, and honoring everyone who teaches you." He also encourages readers to examine their own lives, offering ways to help them capture their own accumulated experiences and wisdom as a legacy.


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