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“Strategy is the art and science of planning and marshaling resources for their most efficient and effective use.”

After Midnight engages an integrated business approach to assess, analyze and address various aspects of the marketing process.  Our diverse industry experience informs insights and drives successful project fulfillment, from building business plans to developing efficient and cost-effective organizational procedures to executing international, national and local marketing programs.

If we are going to help you hit the target, first we’ve got to identify it.  After Midnight can help you focus your strategy, so that the tactics we create have S.M.A.R.T. objectives:  specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely.

“I, and the companies I serve, have been supported by After Midnight for many years... What impresses me most, in addition to the expected skill in design and articulation, is that After Midnight always looks at the broader picture of a project:  What impact are we trying to achieve?  What is the best way to communicate with our particular market?  Is the assignment the best way to achieve our objective or are there other, better alternatives to consider?  This makes the relationship holistic rather than narrow, market oriented rather than task specific, and leads to a much better result.”

— Ricardo B. Levy, Entrepreneur

Board Member, Author

AM Strategic Process

About After Midnight

After Midnight, Inc. provides branding, marketing and advertising solutions for a wide range of clients:  entrepreneurs launching new startups, small and  medium sized businesses expanding their horizons, global enterprises pursuing innovative initiatives.

We collaborate with our clients to identify market opportunities and develop sound strategies, then craft compelling creative solutions including logos, packaging, point of sale, collateral, websites, presentations, direct mail and more. Whether you seek comprehensive strategic marketing and creative services or simply require a single aspect of what we can offer:  strategy, copywriting, design and illustration, please contact us — we would be delighted to discuss your aspirations and provide you with a proposal!

After Midnight founder and CEO Kathryn Klein is an entrepreneurial marketing professional and award-winning creative director with a long track record of producing breakthrough, sustainable results for some of the world’s best-loved brands including Adobe, American Express, Apple, Autodesk (and that’s just the start of the “A” list), as well as many startups and small businesses.  She is a strategic thinker and adept leader who rapidly earns respect from cross-functional teams for identifying and articulating opportunities, building consensus around objectives, offering alternative routes to success and guiding projects to completion.

At After Midnight, we believe it’s all about you — our clients. We’re here to tell your story, not ours.  Jump to client news...

“The After Midnight team are some of the most creative and resourceful that I have had the pleasure to have worked with.  Regardless of whether I had a startup's tiny budget or the resources of Adobe, they put together exceptional campaigns.  I am particularly impressed with their ability to ‘get’ a technical product and target customer, and then to craft a compelling strategy around that target… followed up by excellent writing and extremely creative design.”

— David Trescot, President & CEO, Hybrik

“Just a few times, in each of our lives, we are witness to and inspired by phenomenal people who authentically contribute their unique talents to our global community.  Kathryn Klein fuels a passion in her team to create integrated identities so powerful her solutions have become iconic.  She's the strategic brand innovator behind some of the world's leading companies and organizations... Brilliant!”

— Amy Sufak, President, Red Energy

Design & Illustration


We write in the language most relevant to your target audience. We connect. We persuade. We choose our words carefully — words that get to “what’s in it for them” as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Adobe "primers" helped designers learn about digital video technology.

Read what we wrote...

With so much content vying for attention these days, copy must truly stand out in order to incite the action you need to succeed — and that means understanding your target audience, how to capture their imagination and what it takes to trigger an emotional response. Your communication platform is a critical component of your brand strategy.  We can help you craft marketing communications content that is clear, concise and compelling.

It's always fun to come up with clever taglines, headlines and entertaining advertising copy — After Midnight can do that.  But even more often, we are called upon to create comprehensive content for websites, script presentations and videos, craft case studies, compose sensitive news releases and executive communications, draft white papers, and write user guides that help make products easier to learn and use.

After Midnight is also adept at copy editing, which we see as both a skill and an art.  A good editor not only corrects grammar and clarifies content, but must also have the sensitivity to speak in the voice of the credited author to ensure that the story being told rings true.  After Midnight can help you generate articles, blog posts and books that speak from the heart.

Rhozet “success stories” suggested real-world worklow solutions to potential customers.

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Coca-Cola “narratives” drove advertising concepts that resonated with local audiences.

Read what we wrote...

In “Letters to a Young Entrepreneur:  Succeeding in Business Without Losing at Life,” the author shares insights gained through founding and building an enterprise.  After Midnight edited the book and continues to edit this “Leader's Ongoing Journey” as a blog.

Check it out...

Design & Illustration

“Creativity is the process of bringing something new into being… It brings to our awareness what was previously hidden and points to new life.” Rollo May

In The Courage to Create, the eminent 20th century psychologist Rollo May reminds us that “Creativity must be seen in the work of the scientist as well as in the artist… and one must not rule out the extent to which it is present in captains of modern technology…”

At After Midnight, we believe that everyone involved — including the client — has both the capacity and the responsibility for creativity.  We work best as members of an integrated creative team, striving together to craft insightful project briefs, generate imaginative concepts and execute innovative solutions.

While some say that a picture is worth a thousand words, at After Midnight we feel that words and pictures are meant to fortify one another.  So we typically work on copy, layout and imagery concurrently.  And in addition to strong design, we offer the photography, illustration, animation, videography and art direction needed to illuminate concepts with infographics, charts and visualizations.

Creative Sampler

Creative Sampler
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